Out in Texas

It was almost impossible to choose just ten photos from our camping trip at Enchanted Rock State Park. The area is so beautiful and so different from the Northeast. 

When we first arrived, we were assigned a campsite in an open, grassy area near a playground and bathroom. We set off to hike up the Rock and realized there were WAY cooler sites along the base. So we did what any good camper would do: we picked up the tent and stole a better spot.

We were extremely lucky with the weather. It monsooned on Thursday and was blistering hot Saturday afternoon into Sunday. But Friday, when we camped, was rain-free and unusually mild. We would not have made it up the Rock if it were sunny and 100 degrees.

The only downside: we couldn’t see any stars (which are apparently super bright from the Rock) and we didn’t catch a good sunrise. Just lots of overcast. Next time!

I’ve got more photos to share from our hike at Pedernales on Saturday and kayaking at Inks Lake on Sunday. Stay tuned!

Full album on Flickr.

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