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Mt. Washington (from below)

We were really looking forward to driving up Mt. Washington at the end of our New Hampshire trip. We even woke up at 4 AM to make it there as the sun was rising. But remember what I said about making plans? 

On the way to the mountain, we realized the road was closed until 8:30 AM, so scaling the peak for sunrise wasn’t an option. That was disappointing, but we kept going.

Then we realized there was a little asterisk next to September 21st on their website. It was ATV day, and the auto road was closed to cars. 

We considered taking a guided tour up the mountain, since those were still running. Or taking the cog railway. But both would require at least two hours to complete and we couldn’t leave Denali alone in the car for that long.

So, we were shit outta luck. We still got to see the sun rise and watch the mountains’ colors change from dark green to blue to purple. I’ve never been too far west, so these were the tallest peaks I’ve ever seen.

We’ll leave that peak for another adventure.

Again, the full album is on my Flickr.

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These photos are from our hike around New Hampshire’s White Mountains. This was the Middle Sugarloaf trail, right around the corner from our campsite. We weren’t too sure which trail would offer the best views, but I think we nailed it.

It was a short but steep hike, and we encountered so many active older ladies on the trail. It was pretty inspiring to see seniors kicking that mountain’s ass. 

More photos to come. I certainly can’t choose just ten favorites from the weekend’s adventure.

Or if you’re anxious, the full album is on Flickr.

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Out in Texas

It was almost impossible to choose just ten photos from our camping trip at Enchanted Rock State Park. The area is so beautiful and so different from the Northeast. 

When we first arrived, we were assigned a campsite in an open, grassy area near a playground and bathroom. We set off to hike up the Rock and realized there were WAY cooler sites along the base. So we did what any good camper would do: we picked up the tent and stole a better spot.

We were extremely lucky with the weather. It monsooned on Thursday and was blistering hot Saturday afternoon into Sunday. But Friday, when we camped, was rain-free and unusually mild. We would not have made it up the Rock if it were sunny and 100 degrees.

The only downside: we couldn’t see any stars (which are apparently super bright from the Rock) and we didn’t catch a good sunrise. Just lots of overcast. Next time!

I’ve got more photos to share from our hike at Pedernales on Saturday and kayaking at Inks Lake on Sunday. Stay tuned!

Full album on Flickr.

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Father’s Day meant a quick hike at Hacklebarney State Park in Long Valley, NJ before family time. The park was loaded with people hiking and picnicking with their dads. It reminded me of all my childhood hikes with mom and dad (and sister, when she joined the pack). 

I need to get them out into the woods again soon.

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Pyramid Mountain

On Sunday, I hit the trails with my mom and Denali to check out Tripod Rock at Pyramid Mountain. 

Tripod Rock is a glacial erratic boulder, estimated to be approximately 127 metric tons. It sits balanced on three smaller stones, as it was originally transported to the spot by a glacier.

Aside from the rocks, we crossed paths with two garter snakes and a couple toads. Other hikers warned us about a pair of bears in the area, but we didn’t see them.

All in all, a great weekend of hikes. Can’t wait to see where next weekend takes us!

Full photo album is up on Flickr.

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Six Mile Run

I’ve said this before, but Six Mile Run is one of my favorite places to go in any season. On Friday, Dexter and I hiked the trails we dryland mush in the fall and sled on in the winter. 

It’s amazing how much the landscape changes over time – just look at my post from February. I love mushing in the cold, but the colors of Spring and Summer are a nice change. 

More photos posted on my Flickr.

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Dogs at Home

It’s Thursday night and I’m anxious to hit some trails this weekend. The dogs don’t seem to share my enthusiasm. Temperatures have been in the mid-80’s all week, and they’re settling into their laid back summer routine.

I’ve been anything but laid back. Each week means another weekend to plan a new adventure. New Jersey hikes are fun, but I’m looking to put some miles on my truck and head outward in all directions.

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