Camping in New Hampshire

When you’re camping, especially in colder weather, the majority of your time is devoted to starting and maintaining a fire. The rest is spent cooking and eating around said fire, and sleeping.

It may be boring to some, but I love how primitive and natural it feels. In the cellphone service free woods of New Hampshire, all you have left is each other and the stars.

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70 Miles

Distance Moving Time Average Speed Maximum Speed
1.83 miles 0:13.20 8.22 mph 12.75 mph

Our run today broke the 70 mile mark for training this season! Well, technically we were already over 70 – there’s been a run or two I forgot to record mileage for. But we’ll pretend my numbers are totally accurate. Either way, pretty damn awesome! It should be fairly easy to make it to 100 miles before it gets too warm. Not bad for my team of newbies.

The weather has been pretty decent the past few days. Nice and cold without the biting winds. The muddy spots in the woods have been frozen for a few days now, which is nice. Parts of the Northeast will be seeing some snow tonight, but I’m pretty sure New Jersey will only get a few flurries. There’s some hope for this weekend, although it could change over to mostly rain. Either way, I hope I can make it down to the Pine Barrens for a run.

Back to today’s run: it when pretty well! I found that if I become Dexter’s personal cheerleader, he runs a bit better. I yelled, “Dexter! Hike! Hike!” and waited for him to show any increase in speed/motivation. And I mean ANY. When he lifted his head and focused forward, instead of sniffing, praise. When he moved with Denali, instead of pulling away from her, praise. When his trot became a full run, praise. Repeated this non-stop for the entire run, and he seems to be doing a bit better. Or it might just be the colder temperatures that motivate him. Well, whatever it is, I’m not complaining.

2011-2012 Mileage to Date: 70.43

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