Willow's First Week

Willow has been with us almost a week and a half now, and she's fitting in very well. Dexter took to her instantly, and has been the most tolerant of her puppy antics. Knox loves to chase her and pin her to the ground, but so far he's managed to be relatively gentle on her.

Denali was the hardest to crack, despite being related by blood. She still grumbles if Willy gets in her face, but she's been playing with her a bit, here and there:

So far, Willow has been a breeze. She rarely has accidents inside, and when she does, they're usually my fault for not hurrying up and getting her outside. She's super friendly and sweet to everyone she meets. I was worried my house would be in chaos, but she acclimated herself to our routine instantly. When the big dogs nap, she naps. When they play, she plays. 

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect pup!

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Coming Soon to BE&S!

The big news has finally been revealed! This weekend, I'm bringing home the fourth member of my ragtag team of ruffians. Presenting the new little lady:

(All photos belong to Jaye of Sibersong!)

Her name will most likely be Willow; Willy for short. She's actually Denali's niece, also bred by Jaye Foucher of Sibersong Sleddogs.  You can check out her ancestry here. She's sure to be a great addition, both in harness and out. 

My non-musher friends may want to know, "Why another dog? Are you crazy?"

Well, yes, of course. Any suburban musher is definitely crazy. But the real reason I'm adding to my team is so I can retire Dexter. I'm hoping he has one more season in him, but beyond that, I don't expect him to keep up on longer runs. Denali and Knox have no problem running eight to ten miles at a time, while Dexter loses enthusiasm after two or three. I don't want to force Dex to run beyond his limits, nor do I want to limit the youngins. 

It will be hard to leave Dex behind because he still acts like a nutjob when he's on the drop line and for the first few minutes of any run. But I know he'll ultimately be happier going for leisurely hikes and imprinting his dog-stink into my recliner.

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Rickety Rigs

Distance Moving Time Average Speed Maximum Speed
3.99 miles 0:27.44 8.62 mph 14.16 mph

We got some nice training opportunities in this weekend. On Saturday I biked with Dexter and Denali around our usually trail. It was still VERY muddy but we managed. Afterwards, I walked Knox on his own – man, that little puffball can pull!

This morning we were all packed up and ready to go to the Pine Barrens, but I couldn’t find my damn keys. I finally found them – in the first place I had checked, I just didn’t look hard enough. We hit the road about 40 minutes later than I would have liked, but we made it down there.

Today was our first run with the dry land rig this season. They pulled hard and fast while they were chasing another team, but really pooped out towards the end. Overall not a bad run – I just need for them to pace themselves a little better. It’s definitely harder to pull the rig, since I’m not pedaling along the whole time. I do kick off the ground to help them out, but for the most part, they’re on their own. They were eager to get back in the truck after their run, so I suppose they were satisfied!

Back at home, I took Knox out for some basic puppy training. Denali’s x-back harness finally arrived, so I was able to pass on the adjustable puppy x-back to Knox. I hooked him up to the rig with one leader line and I held the other. At first he was determined to run back and sit on the driver’s spot on the rig – silly pup. I let him get acclimated with the big, metal contraption, so he wouldn’t be nervous when it was barreling behind him.

Eventually, I got Knox out in front of the cart, pulling it slowly and following alongside me. The cart is super light, so it was barely any work for him. He didn’t seem at all afraid of it as he toddled along. Good pup!

2011-2012 Mileage to Date: 83.34

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