biking at sandy hook

Sled Dogs on the Shore

Distance Moving Time Average Speed Maximum Speed
3.63 miles 0:23.48 9.14 mph 14.54 mph

We had some pretty solid runs this weekend, both at home and away. I’ve added a new loop of trail for our local rides. Instead of running through the municipal building parking lot, we’re now running around the tennis courts (light blue below). We actually used to do this all the time, but I stopped due to frequent encounters with wildlife. Oh, and a tree fell against the back fence of the courts, so it was literally impossible to pass through.

The downed tree is still there, by the way. It’s breaking apart and somewhat passable at this point. Could I do it on a sled? No way. Rig? Doubt it. Bike? Just barely. The first time I had the dogs slowly pull me through, to avoid destroying my face on the horizontal branches. The second time, my brakes didn’t really feel like cooperating, so we tore right on through. Luckily, there was minimal damage, aside from my hat getting caught up in a branch (I stopped and went back for it).

The new loop reduces the amount of time spent running on pavement, which is really what I’m aiming for. Dexter runs noticeably better on grass and dirt.

I planned to go to the Pine Barrens on Sunday, but I slept in and decided to check out Sandy Hook instead. I’ve been meaning to run the dogs there, since it’s a lot closer than the Pines. Overall, it’s a really nice bike trail, but it is mostly paved. I coaxed the dogs to run along the grass next to the path whenever I could, though.

It was icy cold down the shore, which was a welcome change compared to our recent warm temperatures. The wind was really brutal along the edges of the peninsula, and the ocean was pretty wild. In one spot, we were pelted by the wind and some freezing cold ocean spray. Denali ran like a maniac – she really thrives in the coldest temperatures. Dexter ran his best at that point, too. Even though I couldn’t feel my face, I’m pretty sure I was smiling the whole time.

Knox went out on the beach after the big dogs got their run. He didn’t really know what to make of it. The combination of rough winds and crashing waves didn’t sit well with him, so he peed on some seashells and we ran back to the truck.

Our next run will break the 100 mile mark! I’ll bring the GoPro along to commemorate it!

2011-2012 Mileage to Date: 98.47

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