Pre-season Anxiety

This happens every year – temperatures creep downwards, but for various reasons, I’m unable to get out and run the dogs.

This year, it’s my work schedule that interferes. It’s only cold enough to run in the early morning right now.

However, it’s still dark out when I wake up . By the time it’s bright enough to hit the trail, I have to start my shift.

I could technically run just before dawn, but I prefer not to. There are just too many critters out that will likely distract the dogs. Same goes for right around dusk – it’s cold enough, but that’s when animals start to come out. My guys are pretty good when encountering animals. That being said, I don’t like taking chances, especially when I’m running them alone.

In the mean time, I must wait for weekends to cool down. It seems like weekdays stay cold but then the weekends are warm and humid again. Before too long, I’ll be able to go out on my lunch break (around 11 am), but until then, I’ll have to suffer through all my Facebook friends posting their mushing photos.

I know I’ll have plenty of chances to get out and mush with my guys, but I think I’m more eager this season than ever before. I have so many new trails to try out thanks to my off-season hikes. Fingers crossed for a cold weekend!

Jessica Kizmann

Dog musher, New Jersey.

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