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Distance Moving Time Average Speed Maximum Speed
2.08 miles 0:16.17 7.67 mph 13.01 mph

First time posting in my trail blog! I’m hoping to write a bit every day that we train. We’re about half way through the season, so keep that in mind.

Today, I kept the dogs moving slow on the red trail until we hit the woods loop. Dexter tends to run better on softer ground with fewer distractions. I like to have them work hard for a portion of the run to help build up muscle. Plus, I don’t like having them run full-speed on pavement, especially with cars and people around.

I had them run the woods loop twice, which threw them off a little, but they figured it out quick. It’s by far my favorite part of our run, and they usually run their fastest. Then we took the yellow trail to add on some distance and give them more command training. The street leading back to the red trail usually has a few stray cats on it, and today was no exception. The dogs spotted a kitty in someone’s yard, but I managed to keep them moving.

Denali was flawless today, as she usually is. Dexter has been off lately and I can’t figure out why. He isn’t running smoothly with Nali. Instead, he’s been pulling against her and trying to go in the opposing direction. Denali will be running straight forward and he’ll be awkwardly pulling off to the side. I checked him for injuries and haven’t found any sensitivity. At home, he wrestles and plays without any issue. He even runs relatively well once we’re in the woods loop.

My only guess is that he’s become increasingly distracted by stuff on our way to the woods. He’s always been an avid sniffer/marker, but he was pretty good about ditching the habit while on runs. Lately, it seems like he’s trying to slow down Denali so that he can pick up the habit again.

Dexter tends to run just fine in the Pine Barrens. He’ll also run especially well if there are other dogs on the trail. The area we run at home seems to bore him and he much rather sniff than run. It’s hard to motivate a dog. The warm weather hasn’t been helping, either.

Knox will be joining the team at the tail-end of this season, weather-permitting. The plan is to have the boys in wheel with Denali in lead. I’m hoping that having Denali in front will inspire some chase instincts in Dex. He also will have two dogs pulling him forward, so becoming distracted won’t be much of an option.

I’m not looking to have a super-speedy team. I mush for fun, after all. I just want my dogs to work well together and keeps a reasonable pace. We’ll see how it goes.

2011-2012 Mileage to Date: 64.78

Jessica Kizmann

Dog musher, New Jersey.

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