Blue Eyes and Spitfire

Friday is my short work day, which means I don’t get a chance to run the dogs during my lunch break. My only opportunity would have been early this morning, but we were being pelted with freezing rain, hail, and a little tiny bit of snow (no, it did not stick at all). Not to mention some monster winds. I decided it was in our best interest to sleep in and avoid that mess.

Since I don’t have a run to write about, I figured now would be a good time to explain our kennel/team name. “Blue Eyes and Spitfire” is the second line in the Gaslight Anthem song, “Bring It On”. The song has nothing to do with dog racing. Whenever I heard anything referring to “Blue Eyes”, I automatically would think of Dexter.

When I started running Denali, nothing could really describe her better than my little Spitfire. OK, by definition she’s not a spitfire – she doesn’t have a “fiery temper” and she’s not “prone to outbursts”.  I’ll use a more positive reinterpretation of the word. She has a fiery spirit and outbursts of pure energy. She’s ferociously motivated. Maybe she’s more like the British fighter plane.

There really isn’t anything else to it. Once I got to know Denali’s temperament, especially in harness, I knew the name “Blue Eyes and Spitfire” was meant to be. 

Jessica Kizmann

Dog musher, New Jersey.

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