What's In The Box?

Alright folks. I know I left you all at the edge of your seat. A box arrived today. What could it be?

Photo Aug 20, 4 19 12 PM.jpg

I mentioned it was coming from Oregon. Some of you knew what that meant.

Photo Aug 20, 4 16 42 PM.jpg

But wait! Arctis isn't manufacturing carts anymore! How could this be?

Photo Aug 20, 4 19 22 PM.jpg

To make a long story short: earlier this year, Will reached out to Henning about making one last cart. He really wanted to get me a model with a suspension to handle the rough California terrain. Things didn't quite work out as planned, but Henning was able to put us in touch with someone selling a lightly-used Arctis that matched my specs. Even though I ended up leaving the rough SoCal mountains, Will was still on board to fulfill my new cart dreams.

So, without further ado... our new (to us) Arctis with rear suspension, Magura and Brembo brake component upgrades, and rear fenders:

Photo Aug 20, 5 40 54 PM.jpg

It looks black in the above photos, but it's actually a shade of dark green.


I'm extremely lucky to have another one of these rare carts and so grateful that Will funded this venture. And that Henning and Claire were able to get this thing shipped over to me on the east coast.

Since I know people are wondering; I will probably sell my previous Arctis Cart at the end of this season. I'm holding onto it for now, mostly because it's in storage and won't be unpacked until I have a house. You'll see a post in Mushers of the Northeast when I'm ready to part with it.

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