Get the Show on the Road

So it begins, again. I took down all my framed prints, tapestries, and decorative knickknacks and packed them up. All of my kitchen cookware and appliances are in an enormous, 200 quart storage bin. I filtered through my book collection for the second time this year and created another pile to donate. (Only a small pile—I can’t seem to let go of most of them) These things won’t see the light of day until I'm settled into my next home, wherever that may be. 

Photo Jul 31, 12 45 35 PM.jpg

My parents are flying to Las Vegas later this week, where they’ll vacation for a bit before heading my way. On Monday morning, we’ll set out on another cross-country trek. This time, we’re taking a more northern route—stopping at the Grand Canyon and camping near Monument Valley before heading north and east through Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and finally, New Jersey.

Driving across the country is daunting, but we know what to do. And it’s not nearly as daunting as buying a home. Thanks to Will, I was lucky enough to have a place to live without the financial commitment of home ownership. This time, I’m on my own. A large portion of my savings will go into a down payment, closing costs, and putting up a dog yard. Once the house is settled, I’ll be selling my SUV and buying a 4WD pickup truck to handle the upstate winter. The dog van will likely get sold next year so I can set some money aside for a non-dog vehicle. Beyond that, there’s hopes of fencing in an acre or two for a play yard, an ATV, and more dogs. Always more dogs.

Photo Jul 30, 3 50 15 PM.jpg

When I was a kid, I dreamed of having my own little farm. Sled dogs weren’t part of the plan, but I knew there’d be plenty of animals. Even then, I didn’t envision a usual nuclear family. But I didn’t expect to be buying my first home by myself. I thought I’d have a partner at my side for this.

This whole situation is a little bit sad. And a little bit scary. But more than anything, I’m proud of myself. I’m making decisions based solely on what I want for the first time in my life. Could it all be a huge mistake? Definitely! But I need to find out.

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