Nevertheless, She Persisted

We're nearing the end of our 2016-2017 season and I seem to be enduring overlapping problems. To start, my wrist has been aching for a few weeks and the rocky trails I've been running surely haven't helped. I should see a doctor, but who has time to do things like that.

The van nearly overheated due to an ongoing coolant leak that I lacked the sense to properly mitigate. That's been addressed, but now she's fussy at start up — possibly due to her fancy new headlights. We'll see what's going on with that.

The battery, as it turns out, was just fine.

The battery, as it turns out, was just fine.

My dryland dog cart lost a bolt, washers, and wing nut on the trail yesterday. I'm not quite sure how it popped off without me noticing, but I ran a considerable distance with the cart partially collapsed. Replacements have been ordered by my magnificent boyfriend.

Finally, and the least of my woes, the handlebar bag I use to store small items while out on the trail finally blew out. The velcro attachments were torn to shreds from months of yanking on them. This has already been replaced, so my phone and keys will not get lost on the trail.

Rocky roads.

Rocky roads.

Despite the struggles, we're still rolling. And in happier news, Willow's mysterious face lump has disappeared. Knox's toe issue is almost fully healed, at least enough for him to rejoin the team with a bootie. Temperatures took a nose dive over the weekend, which allowed us more time on the trail. We're less than ten miles away from our 200 mile season goal, which shouldn't be a problem to reach. The Mariner, while small, has served just fine as my backup vehicle while the van is acting up. We'll be okay.

Fun run at a new spot: Nepaug State Forest.

Beautiful, dense pines.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
— Confucius

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