Ramblin' Ma'am

I keep meaning to write up a new post. There’s plenty of topics I want to write about, or experiences in training I want to share, but my time has been especially limited. As we enter the holiday mania I mean season, I figured I better take a moment and write some things down.

Hubble has been with us for a month now. He’s been an interesting puppy so far. He’s a lot more mischievous than Blitz and Willow. I think those two spoiled me with how easy they were to house train and crate train. Hub made it known that he did not want to sleep in a crate while everyone else piled on the bed. He isn’t too eager to hold his bowels so that’s what he gets. Things have improved drastically over the first few weeks, but something so much as switching up the crate—he’s in a plastic airline style crate while my other crates are packed—is enough to make him howl all night.

Despite all the pee accidents and late nights, I can tell he’s got a really sweet disposition. He’s also the only dog I’ve ever had that chases after the vacuum and tries to bite it, so I expect him to be pretty fearless as he matures. I was a little worried he wouldn’t get along with Blitz (he was the only one to show obvious displeasure in Hub’s arrival), but they’re becoming best buds:

Aside from raising a new puppy, mushing enough mornings to reach the 100-mile mark fairly early, and working a full-time job, I’ve spent the past month preparing for our journey west. My life has been reduced to about a dozen boxes and bags stuffed into my SUV, which will be used to haul an enclosed trailer with Will's belongings. He makes the first jaunt next week, then returns in January to make the final trip with me in our vans—hauling a car and stuffed to the brim.

Photo Dec 05, 10 28 02 AM.jpg

As of ten minutes ago, I decided I want to video log (video blog? vlog? what do the kids call it) the trip west, as well as the fist few weeks of settling in Big Bear. I won’t make any promises as to consistency or quality, but stay tuned for that… experience. 

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