Still Rolling

Amidst all the van work, I've still make an effort to get the dogs out to run. It will be a lot easier and more enjoyable once the van is complete (mobile coffee and nap spot, aw yiss). So far, it's just been nice having so much extra space. We had a warm spell earlier this week, but it coincided nicely with my trip to Colorado (where it was also hot, ew). Dexter has had some sore foot pads, so a week off from running worked out.

The rain and warm temperatures finally cleared out this morning and we were back on the trails in Pawling. Dexter's feet were back to normal, but I decided to booty him just to be safe. He ran better, but I kept the pace extra slow for him. While he does help on the uphill climbs, I can tell he doesn't want to go very fast anymore. I'll keep running him as long as he's willing and especially if he's howling to go at hook-up, but I'm already beginning to think ahead to next year and what I'll do with my team. I really love running four dogs and each of the huskies runs best with a "partner". So, uh, we'll see.

The team ran almost five miles today, with a nice break at the halfway point to chat with some locals. The dogs got some pets with minimal tangles and I got some tips on other parks in the area to check out. 

The foliage wasn't too shabby, either.

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