On the Edge of Mushing Season

Last week, I started the annual prep for fall training. I cleaned the cobwebs off the dog carts, fixed a broken wheel, and repainted all the scuffs from last season. I've added a pair of "headlights" as well as a small cargo bag near the handles (shown on the big cart above). All are easily detachable, so I can transfer them to whichever cart I'm using.

This will be a transitional season for my team. For the first time, I hope to run with four dogs. Willow will be old enough to start some light training by the new year, and I'm counting on Dexter to put one more season in. I'm not sure if we'll hit our usual 150 mile mark this year. I plan to take things slow. I don't want to push Dexter too hard, nor do I want to overexert Willy before she's done growing. It might mean a lot of bikejoring with Denali and Knox, but we'll see what happens.

For now, it's still almost 80 degrees out, so we'll live vicariously through our friends up north who have already started their season.

Jessica Kizmann

Dog musher, New Jersey.

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