Thank You

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated food, sent money, offered mentorship, and helped repair our gear. Even though I'm usually alone with the dogs, it has taken a village to get me there. 

Pam and Jeff Kizmann for housing me and the dogs for many years
Pam and Brianna Kizmann for all the dog-sitting
Bryan Freeman for being my first mentor
Rob Gillette of for donating bags of Annamaet Extra 26%
Will Benedict for donating tons of food, treats, time, energy, and endless patience
Rob Bajor for supporting us at the Team Dog level on Patreon
Ed Axton for the (multiple) rig welding repairs
 David Sindelar for the sled repairs


Photo Mar 24, 8 50 45 AM (1).jpg

There's still so much more I want to do with these dogs. We have always been a recreational team, but I'm getting the "itch" to go further and do more. I am laying the groundworks for the team to run more miles and learn how to camp on the trail. Once they're comfortable with that, my goal will be a multi-night expedition via dog sled. And I plan to write about the adventure (and other things) along the way.

A lot of research, training, and planning is involved in a long expedition. I'll need to talk to other mushers and find a suitable trail for our excursion. We'll need additional gear, especially for cold weather camping. Oh, and I also hope to add one more dog to the pack for a solid 6-dog team. 

I'll be writing about the entire experience in my blog, which is always free to read. I'll also be posting special content on Patreon, just for subscribers. If you decide to follow along, please be aware that this adventure will take time. I'm not going to set out until I feel like we're totally ready—I won't put my dogs or myself in danger if we're ill prepared. When I do finally reach my goal, I'll finish with a novel. I know nothing of publishing, so at the very least it will be a PDF to download, and at most, a real book.

Buy a Round of Kibble

We participate in Sled Dog Central’s BARK program. BARK stands for "Buy a Round of Kibble" and allows sled dog fans the opportunity to support their favorite teams by buying a bag of their preferred dog food. 

My huskies eat Inukshuk Professional Dry Dog Food 32/32 supplied through If you would like to help support my team, use the form below. I will follow up with more information. Thank you!

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Trail Mail

We have a post office box in town. Feel free to write us letters or send the team goodies!

Jessica Kizmann
PO Box 1429
Sugarloaf, CA 92386