Buy a Round of Kibble

We participate in Sled Dog Central’s BARK program. BARK stands for "Buy a Round of Kibble" and allows sled dog fans the opportunity to support their favorite teams by buying a bag of their preferred dog food. 

My huskies eat Inukshuk Professional Dry Dog Food 32/32 supplied through Chewy.com. If you would like to help support my team, use the form below. I will follow up with more information. Thank you!

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Trail Mail

We have a post office box in town. Feel free to write us letters or send the team goodies!

Jessica Kizmann
PO Box 1429
Sugarloaf, CA 92386

Special Thanks...

Rob Gillette of SportsVet.com for donating bags of Annamaet Extra 26%
Will Benedict for donating several bags of Annamaet Extra 26%, Dentastix, and Milk-bone Biscuits