We participate in Sled Dog Central’s BARK program. BARK stands for "Buy a Round of Kibble" and allows sled dog fans the opportunity to support their favorite teams by buying a bag of their preferred dog food. 

My huskies eat Annamaet Extra 26% Dry Dog Food supplied through Chewy.com. If you would like to help support my team, use the form below. I will follow up with more information. Thank you!

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Special Thanks...

Rob Gillette of SportsVet.com for donating bags of Annamaet Extra 26%
Will Benedict for donating several bags of Annamaet Extra 26%, Dentastix, and Milk-bone Biscuits


I'm extremely grateful for anyone who decides to participate in BARK or donate to our mushing efforts in any way. In exchange for such kindness, I'll gladly:

  • Link to your website above and on my Links page
  • Feature you on my Blog
  • Share your website on my Facebook page
  • Display your company banner on my cart or sled (you must provide banner)
  • Offer your business cards or brochures at mushing events (you must provide cards/brochures)

Just let me know how I can help!