First and foremost, mushing is a hobby for me. I wouldn't participate in events, buy the gear, or own multiple dogs if I couldn't afford to do so. Asking for money to support something I do for fun feels weird to me, especially because I do this recreationally. 

That being said, even small scale mushing can be very expensive. I have what I need to get by, but there's always a need to purchase new lines, better equipment, and of course, pay for gas! In order to help raise money for our seasonal expenses, I've decided to start creating artwork in exchange for donations. Below are a few examples of small watercolor pieces I've done. 

Click on the "Donate" button below to specify an amount you'd like to give. Each amount corresponds with a different type of art piece. If you decide to give more than a specified amount, please be sure to mention which type of piece you'd like in the summary area. Donations less than $10 will get special mention on this page, but won't receive any artwork at this time.


The Fine Print

Please keep in mind I have a specific style as well as certain strengths and weaknesses. This isn't meant for serious art commissions. This is just a way for me to say thanks for the donation with some custom art! Or, for a $10 donation, I'll send you some "mystery" artwork that I have already created.

I will draw/paint:

  • Animals
  • Nature Scenes
  • Your pet!

I will not draw/paint:

  • Copyrighted characters (for example: Micky Mouse)
  • Anything well outside the style you see above
  • Anything I'm not comfortable creating 

I reserve the right to refuse any requests and I will refund your donation in these circumstances. I will also be selling artwork here shortly, if you don't have anything specific in mind for a custom piece, but don't want to gamble on the "mystery" artwork.

Finally, if you're not a fan of art but still want to help, you're welcome to become one of our Sponsors through the BARK program. 


Thank You!